2018 DragonCon

Weird year, this year…

It felt a lot less crazy for some reason. Less crowded, though they were on track to match 2017’s record-setting attendance. I missed Thursday and most of Friday because of work and the ongoing saga with the replacement refrigerator (though that one looks to be finally at an end, thank all applicable deities.

I did get down in time to grab dinner with the extended clan on Friday and make it to the first of my Space track panels, the one on Tabby’s Star, hosted by @tsboyajian herself. OldestBoy and #2Son joined me, though Oldest did not quite figure out who was speaking until someone asked her how it felt to talk about a star with her name.

As far as the oddities of the star itself: dust. But dust that doesn’t really behave like dust, so… magical faerie dust? Not a bad start to a DC weekend, yeah?

We’re still in the hotel that’s on the parade path, so we made our way downstairs on Saturday morning and wandered out under the tree (v. v. important for Atlanta in August: shade.) We met up with a few other hotel residents who we only see at the parade, which always makes it feel more like the DC of olde, instead of the 70K+ behemoth of today.

I did have a small freakout at Artists’ Alley when I turned down a row and came face-to-face with Gail Simone. I literally squeaked at #2Son and had to go around a corner and remember how to breathe. (I did manage to get my act together and chat with her later, but boy, that was A Thing there at first.)

In the rush to get out of the house, I ended up leaving my wallet on the table by the door, so #2Son was my banker with the dealers and artists and writers. Possibly, the word I should be using is ‘enabler’ because we, uh, bought a lot.

We had fun.

I’ll keep you posted about actual framing and hanging, though…